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RapidLink Extreme

Need wireless mesh networking capability that's truly "grab and go"? RapidLink Extreme to the rescue.

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RapidLink Extreme comes ready to go in a die cast NEMA aluminum enclosure that is weather tight. And, when it comes to weather, it can handle it all. With an operating temperature range of -10o to 80o Celsius, environmentally sealed power-over-Ethernet connectors, and a product design that is made to military specifications, you know that RapidLink Extreme take your critical network demands all in stride.

High Performance Throughput

RapidLink Extreme supports 54 Mbps communications speeds to keep your network moving. Encrypted via IPsec, Triple Data Encryption and an alphabet soup of other protections, it uses military-grade transmission protections that allow you to infinitely grow your network with the confidence that your information is safe and secure.

Mobility Enhancing Capabilities

You know the old saying, "it's like herding cats"? It's the idea that things with a mind of their own can be hard to control. It's this idea that guided the design of RapidLink Extreme, the product that controls the formerly uncontrollable.

Whether a node is moving or stationary, RapidLink intelligent network software will self-discover it. Your network is deployed instantly. Add to this the automatic self-healing capability for which wireless mesh networks were designed, and you have capability on the move.

Compatible with a Capital "C"

Like all RapidLink products, RapidLink Extreme is interoperable with products that conform to the IETF open-standard OLSR routing protocol. Add to this RapidLink's compatibility with open standards-based non-proprietary routing protocols (OLSR) and you have a critical tool for your wireless mesh networking toolbox.